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Change Flows: Soil Conservation and Chemical Runoff

During April, we're focusing on our Change Flows initiative in partnership with American Rivers. We know that millions of people will be thinking about the environment on Earth Day (April 22), but we hope you'll join us in making every day Earth Day—support our river-cleanup initiative by "liking" your region on our interactive map. The region with the most “likes” will receive a river cleanup sponsored by Cascadian Farm.

Soil conservation is at the heart of organic farming. Organic farmers strive to keep rich, organic nutrients in the soil so they don’t have to rely on synthetic chemical substitutes. This is the way natural ecosystems work, and we believe this is the best way to grow our food.

Along with healthy soil, crops also need water to grow—water is the lifeblood of our farms. But water does not stay put; it flows from our fields into small streams, which flow into rivers and affect more than just farmland. Synthetic chemical runoff from some conventional farming is known to create algae blooms, which can ruin areas for swimming and boating, affect the taste of drinking water, and kill fish by removing oxygen from the water.(1) Those are just a few reasons why Cascadian Farm has been committed to organic farming for almost 40 years. No synthetic chemicals in the soil and air means no synthetic chemical runoff into nearby streams and rivers. Keeping our waters clean will protect the entire ecosystem for plants, animals, and humans alike.

Like water, Change Flows. Clean water starts with all of us, and we hope you'll join our effort to keep our waters clean. For tips on how you can conserve and protect water, check out last week's blog post, and don't forget to vote for your region on our interactive map for a chance to receive a river cleanup!

Source: (1) EPA

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