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Should I Buy Organics For My Body or For My Planet?

Last week, Kari shared a post about 12 of the most important fruits and vegetables to buy organic. This comes from the Environmental Working Group's list of the worst offenders (it's been dubbed the "Dirty Dozen") as far as pesticides and other chemicals that end up in our food.

This is helpful so that we can make smart shopping choices and avoid putting unnatural chemicals in our bodies. Several of you made great comments on Facebook about why you buy organic for your health:

Kathi writes:

"People are amazed that on my limited budget I insist on organic - but it is an investment in my family's health. You either pay for it now or later in my opinion. I'd rather pay upfront for better food rather than later in medical costs."

Dyan from Miami says:

"My body is not a discount body. I will buy organic whenever I can get it."

We couldn't agree more. The concern for our health and the health of our children is an important factor leading people to choose to look for that organic logo above. But it's not the only motivator. Lisa points out:

"There'also the larger picture to consider here - not just what I'm putting into my body, but what I'm supporting, through my purchases, others in putting into the environment. I may be the only me, but there are billions of humans sharing only one planet Earth."

Well said Lisa! This really has been a major (some would say the major) reason behind the organic movement going back to the 1970s with guys like Gene Kahn trying to figure out how to [drive a tractor and] grow food in a way that works with our natural ecosystems - not against them.

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