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10 Tips To Green Your Halloween

We know that Halloween is right around the corner because our pumpkin patch is almost picked clean. If you're in the Skagit Valley area, you can still stop by and grab one for your last minute Jack-O-Lanterns!

We hope you and your families have a fun, and safe Halloween this weekend, but we would also encourage you be sustainable with your spooky celebrations. Last week we asked our Facebook community for tips on how to "green" your Halloween, and they came through with some fantastic ideas! Thank you for all your suggestions.

Here are 10 great ideas for a green Halloween from our Facebook community:

1) Go Local: Buy locally produced pumpkins from a farmers patch, local apples, cider etc.

2) Make Your Own Costumes: Resale shops are loaded with Halloween costumes this time of year that have been worn only once and donated. Buy your costumes from there or be creative with used clothes making clowns, scarecrows using old clothes and straw, etc.

3) Reusable Candy Bags: Use a paper bag or pillow case as a trick or treat bag.

4) Use Real Produce for Decorations: Rather than buying plastic pumpkins, window clings, and other decorations, use real pumpkins, squash, and other food to decorate your home with.

5) Plant Pumpkin Seeds for Next Halloween: Use the seeds from this year's pumpkins to grow next year's in your backyard!

6) Re-use Your Pumpkins: Use face paint to paint your pumpkins so that you can wash them off and use them to make pumpkin pies and muffins.

7) Cut Out the Candy: Pass out individual packets of trail mix,boxes of raisins, or cranberries, instead of candy.

8) Compost Your Old Pumpkins: Put your left over pumpkins in your compost pile and use the compost in your garden or flowers.

9) Be Creative: If you’re throwing a party, make your own decorations, recycling materials you already have. Be creative!

10) Donate: Give away the surplus of candy your kids accumulate.

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