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5 Ways to Get Your Body (and Your Mind) Moving!

It is 3pm. I want coffee. Or a nap.

My body is stiff and my mind is tired. My productivity is down and my creativity is fading.

I can reach for the coffee, or, instead, I can get moving!

For those of us who sit at a computer for the majority of our work day, it can be a challenge to stay fit and focused during the long, sedentary hours.

The only way I survive and keep my creativity flowing is to keep moving physically.

Here are 5 Ways to Get Your Body (and your MIND) Moving:

1. Stretch – I love to do yoga stretches throughout my day. I found some great yoga-based office stretches at

2. Take Breaks and Move – I am often too busy to move from my desk for a second. But I try to force myself to take even a quick “moving” break. If you have to, make an extra trip to the copy machine and jog over!

3. Make Lunch Time, Walk Time – I find walking to be the most invigorating, inspiring activity I can do. Most often, I use it as a time to brainstorm and start writing my next piece or proposal.

4. Work the Stairs – Making time for the gym sometimes isn’t an option for a busy working parent. So if you are working at home or at the office, don’t forget the stairs – the busy mom’s Stairmaster! You can do sets up and down the stairs – it is a mini work out in the middle of your day!

5. Get Your Office Moving – As employers realize that healthy workers save them money, companies are becoming more health conscious. If your office isn’t already a “Fit-Friendly Company” you can find tips at the American Heart Association and the AHA Start! program to help your office become a healthier workplace.

Bonus Tip: Skip the sugar; go for protein! When your energy level drops, reach for some nuts, low fat cheese, or plain, low fat yogurt.

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