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7 Tips to a Healthy and Happy Family Lifestyle

Every day life can get very busy, leaving very little time to think of the ways that our lifestyles can impact the health and happiness of our family and the environment. There are simple steps that you can take everyday - some that you may already be doing, that can have a huge positive impact on both. Some of these steps you may be already doing on your own. And by incorporating more of these activities into your daily routine as a family, you will find that living a happy and healthy lifestyle is second nature.

Here are my favorite 7 tips to a healthy and happy family lifestyle that won't harm the environment. Once you master these 7 tips, everything else just falls into place.

1. The Whole Family: Eating a balanced diet full of whole organic foods is essential to healthy living. To maintain a healthy body and mind, proper nutrition is necessary, every single day. Proper nutrition directly effects the immune system, weight, brain and body function and mood. A great way to incorporate healthy eating into your family lifestyle is by sharing the experience. Preparing, cooking and cleaning up after meals together makes it a family affair. And eating together as family every night is the perfect way to reconnect and strengthen your family bond.

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2. Let's Get Physical: Adding physical activity into your family's lifestyle is not only healthy but a great way to spend fun time together. There are many way to incorporate physical activity into your everyday family routine. You could walk the dogs together in the morning or before school or work. You can take a stroll or bicycle ride around your neighborhood after dinner. Volunteering your time to helping the environment is another fantastic way to get physical as a family. If you are unable to get outside for physical time, get physical inside by turning up the music and dancing or by playing a game of yoga pretzels.

3. Take a Deep Breath: Everyone experiences small amounts of stress in their everyday lives - that is normal. Learning how to handle those small and even large stresses is an absolute for a happy and healthy family. Family time means leaving the things that stress you out at the door. You can't focus on reaching a healthy and happy family life, if your mind and body are full of stress. There are ways that you can eliminate stress as a family including; family yoga and exercise or as simple as telling stories that make you laugh and relax.

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4. Hydration Station: Hydration is one of the simplest ways to stay healthy. Encouraging each member of your family to stay hydrated by reminding them that proper hydration helps with digestion, energy levels, immunity and elemination of headaches. A great way to get your family to drink the adequate amount of water, is by giving each of them their own BPA free reusable water bottle that they can refill throughout the day. Another great idea is to incorporate water into all of your meals at home together. If your family isn't crazy about having water with dinner, give regular water some pizazz by adding citrus or cucumber slices, fresh berries or a sprig of mint from the garden.

5. Light's Out: There are recommended amounts of sleep for all age levels and it is very important that you get the proper amount of sleep. Sleep gives the body time to repair itself and is a fantastic stress reliever. Putting the children to bed a couple of hours before you and your spouse gives you quiet, alone time together. It's like having a free babysitter that lives with you, every single night of the week. If you are having problems achieving the adequate amounts of sleep there are herbs and homeopathic remedies that may help.

6. Talk it Out: Taking the time to talk as a family is very important. As children get older, they may shy away from talking to you openly and honestly. A great way to make talking to each other (about anything) natural and fun - is by simply talking. The family dinner is the perfect time to sit down together as a family and talk. This is also a great time to discuss ways that you as a family can be more Eco friendly. Just remember that many grown up conversations are better when not heard by the ears of little ones.

7. Enjoy Life: One of the most important things to remember is that taking time to enjoy life with your family is the point. If you are doing tips 1-6, but don't have time to enjoy tip 7, you are missing the point. Life is too short - you don't want to miss all of the little things - all of the fun that you could be having together as a family. Remember that every missed opportunity was at one time simply an opportunity.

How do you keep your family life healthy and happy?
Are there steps that you find challenging?

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