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Change Really Does Flow

Hi friends! This past Saturday, we held our Change Flows cleanup of the DuPage River in Illinois, and it was a huge success. Hundreds of volunteers of all ages and backgrounds showed up to lend a helping hand. The volunteers spent three hours on a Saturday morning pulling all sorts of junk out of the DuPage River and its tributaries.

The volunteers were armed with Cascadian Farm T-shirts, trash bags, gloves, garbage pokers, water, and our Cascadian Farm granola bars to keep them going.

Change Flows

When this river was cleaned in previous years, it wasn’t unusual for volunteers to collect as much as 11 tons of debris. Now, that number has dropped to about seven tons. Part of the decline can probably be traced to a greater public awareness of our environment, but persistent cleaning also keeps junk from piling up.

Change Flows

It was amazing to see all the debris that was pulled out of the river. We found a grocery cart, a playhouse door, coils, and even a public hand-washing sink. Everyone left with a real sense of accomplishment seeing all the debris that was cleaned up. It’s truly remarkable what people can accomplish when they come together with a common goal.

Chang Flows


Change Flows

Brett Adams, the Pioneer Park Cleanup Coordinator, had this to say:

“This is such a great project for people of all ages! We have a mix of middle schoolers, high schoolers, and adults, and they all have fun and get something out of it. It’s amazing the types of items we found, and it’s awesome to see the difference you can make in just a few hours.”

Change Flows

Andrew Fahlund, Senior Vice President of Conservation for American Rivers, said:

“With the help of Cascadian Farm, we were able to raise awareness of the issues facing our rivers, and help people learn how important they are to a healthy community. Simple steps like participating in a local river cleanup can help our waterways thrive for generations to come.”

Thanks again to everyone for your support. We couldn’t have made this big of an impact without you! In the next month, we will have more details on how much debris was actually taken out of the river. Stay tuned…

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