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Diapers - There is a Solution to this Dirty Little Secret

Chances are you or someone you know has used disposable plastic diapers on their children. Have you ever stopped to wonder what impact plastic diapers have on our environment? Did you know that Americans alone put 50 million plastic disposable diapers in our landfills every day? That is 20 billion diapers a year. Each one of those diapers takes over 500 years to decompose - now that IS a dirty little secret.

There are solutions available that can lessen and in some cases completely eliminate the use of disposable diapers that will stay in our landfills for centuries. Whichever option you choose will significantly reduce this huge impact on the environment. Just think, if everyone choose one of these options, what a difference it could make. To get you started, here are my top 3 favorite options.


Option #1: Reusable and Adjustable Organic Cotton Diapers: Companies such as Little Beetle and Happy Heinys offer reusable organic cotton diapers that are adjustable and can be used on babies from 8-35 pounds. The reusable and adjustable organic cotton diapers cost around $15-$25 each. However, since these diapers are adjustable, your child can use them the entire time that they are in diapers. These diapers come in an array of colors and patterns for your little ones delight.




Option #2:Plain, Standard Pre-Fold Diapers: Pre-Fold diapers such as the ones from Green Mountain Diapers range in price from $1.75-$2.66 each. You have the option of choosing pre-fold diapers that are chlorine free and unbleached. Just remember that you will also need diaper covers to wrap over top of the pre-fold diaper to make it waterproof and diaper pins to keep them in place. You will also need to purchase these in several sizes because your child will eventually grow out of the smaller sizes. Pre-Fold diapers generally come in white or off white, you could dye your own using water or soy based inks in an array of colors.



Option # 3: Flushable, Compostable G Diapers: G Diapers are plastic, latex, perfume and elemental chlorine free. G Diapers have an insert that is placed inside the reusable g pants that your child will wear. The insert can be flushed if it has solid waste in it and can be flushed, composted or thrown away in the garbage if it only has liquid waste in it. The G Diaper will breakdown in a compost bin within 50-150 days. Also, G Diapers come in a great assortment of rich, vibrant colors that are sure to please the eye.

**Tip: If you decide to use reusable diapers, you can figure the number of diapers that you will need to purchase by taking the number of diapers that child goes through daily and multiplying that by the number of days you want to be able to go between washings.

What type of diapers do you use on your little ones?

Have you found one type to be a better option for your family? Which one?

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