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Earth Day, Every Day: Renting Power Tools And 8 Other Ways to Go Green at Home

Going green at home can mean many different things. This month, I wanted to focus on the parts of everyday living that most families have to deal with on a regular basis. There are green alternatives to paying your bills, keeping a schedule and getting projects done around the house. Read on to learn how you can rent power tools and 8 other ways to green your home lifestyle.

1. Schedule It: For busy families, I recommend placing a reusable dry erase calender in the family room or kitchen. This is a simple way for each member of the family to update their schedule into the family calender. The best part, you can simply wipe the calender clean for the next month. Just remember to choose Eco-friendly and refillable dry erase markers such as AusPen.

2. Pay It: Set all of your bills up on e-reminder through your online banking system. Then, choose to only receive all other bills via e-mail. This simple task eliminates all paper bills from being delivered to your home. All you need to do is log in and schedule your bills to be paid on time.

3. Stop It: Did you know that 44% of junk mail and catalogs that we receive is simply tossed into the trash or recycling bin without a second glance. With more than 100,000,000,000 pieces of junk mail being received by Americans each year alone, equally more than 100 million trees, removing junk mail from our lives is absolutely necessary. You can stop the junk mail by signing up for a service like You can also sign up to stop the delivery of the Yellow Pages phone books here.

4. Reuse It: If you are like me, your to do list grows and grows each day. Instead of writing down your daily agenda on sticky notes or a paper pad, consider using a reusable dry erase board or list on your smart phone. You can add to and remove tasks on your daily list, without using a single piece of paper.

5. Book It: The next time that you craving a good book to snuggle up on the sofa with, consider getting it used. You can find a fantastic selection of gently used books at your local thrift stores or yard sales. Some libraries also have a section where you can purchase gently used books for huge discounts. Another great option is to swap a book that you have already read with a book that you have been dying to read. My favorite online book swapping service is PaperBack Swap.

6. Rent It: There are so many items that we purchase that we could share with other people. For instance, instead of buying a new lawnmower or wheelbarrow, consider borrowing one from a family member or friend. You can also rent common household items such as a kitchen mixer, shovel, camping gear or power tools on Rentalic.

7. Think About It: The next time that you consider printing an email or online recipe, consider whether it is necessary. Instead of printing the recipe, simply take your notebook computer into the kitchen while you cook. Instead of printing an email, jot down the important details on your reusable dry erase board or smart phone.

8. Consider It: Basically, if you don't need, don't buy it. You will be surprised how many purchases are made each year that are unnecessary. There are so many things in our home that can do double duty, you just have to get creative. Take a look around your space and see if there are items that you aren't utilizing that you could.

9. Spread It: One of the best ways to be Eco-friendly is by spreading the word. The more that you share the information that you know, the better. Many people are not aware that for almost every action that we take, there is a green alternative. Sharing your ideas can help to secure a bright future for all of us.

How do you green your everyday lifestyle?

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