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Five Tips for Resisting “Seconds...”

What is your biggest weight loss/weight maintenance challenge?

Mine is stopping eating when it tastes too good! I can often resist until it touches my tongue. But then I am gone!

I find it so hard to hit the bottom of the bowl, to take the last bite. So, if I am at home with “more” available, it takes all I can do to not indulge in second and thirds and fourths...

I have eaten a third of a tub of ice cream in the wee hours of the night! (Oh yes – late night eating is when I am at my most vulnerable.)

Here are five ways to battle back when you want to dig back in:

1. Put away the container/left-overs away and refuse to go back. After serving your first, reasonably sized helping, return the tub of ice cream to the freezer and place the scooper in the dishwasher, close the cookie tin and shut the cupboard door, or scoop the leftovers into a container and put it out of sight if it is still too hot to go in the fridge.

2. Have a glass of water with a splash of lemon to clear your palate with a refreshing taste. It feels like a treat and will help you move on instead of going back.

3. Brush your teeth! A sure fire way to get you out of “eating mode” is to brush your teeth. Your teeth feel minty clean and you can focus on something other than that delicious, tempting flavour that was lingering in your mouth.

4. Get moving! Go for a walk. Get up and dance with your kids. Getting outside, or even active inside, will not only help you metabolize your meal, it will get your mind off food.

5. If all else fails, have an apple. If you really feel an urge to keep eating and your teeth just need to chomp on something, grab an apple and enjoy the sweet, refreshing crunch.

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