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Going Organic: Where Do I Start?

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You may be considering going green, but think to yourself, where do I begin? It can be overwhelming and hard to decide where to start with your new green lifestyle. When my family decided to live a healthier and greener life, our son was a toddler and we wanted to feed him a healthier diet while teaching him about his direct impact on our environment. We started by researching, reading books and watching documentaries about organics. One of the first things that really struck a cord with us was the negative impact that fast food has on the environment and on one's health. We were also concerned with the amount of pesticides found in most conventional foods. The amount of hydrogenated fats, high fructose corn syrup and aspartame in fast foods are enormous, not to mention the amount of waste that is created with fast food packaging. We immediately stopped frequenting these types of establishments. When it comes to pesticides, they are a major concern because they are sprayed directly on to the food. Therefore having a direct impact on our health, the health of the environment and the birds, amphibian's and beneficial bugs that share our environment.

The next step that we took as a family, was to sit down and evaluate what foods we consumed on a daily basis. Then on our next marketing trip, we started to purchase the organic versions of these foods. We purchased all of our dairy, whole grains, fish and after reading The Environmental Working Groups Dirty Dozen, we purchased the organic versions of most of our fruits and vegetables. At first we felt as if we were spending a lot more money on the organics, but once we calculated in the amount of money that we were saving by eliminating fast foods, we realized that our budget had remained the same.

We found a new love for food in our home, we transformed meal time into learning time. We learned to cook fabulous organic meals together and have really grown and bonded as a family. Our son has now grown into a healthy eight year old who is very conscious of his impact on the environment and where his food comes from. Our family takes great pride in contributing to a healthier and greener planet. If you start to take small green steps, you will feel better physically, the environment benefits and by purchasing organics, you are voting with your dollar. As more people continue to purchase organics, they will become more readily available and affordable.

Do you purchase organics?
What are you doing to live a greener life?

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