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Thanksgiving Feast - Make it a Family Affair

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Have you considered immersing your entire dinner party into the Thanksgiving feast process. Thanksgiving is really about celebrating the things that we are thankful for - wouldn't sharing all aspects in the preparation of Thanksgiving dinner be the perfect way? Many Thanksgiving dinners are centered around one or two members of the family doing all of the holiday preparation, cooking and serving by themselves. Wouldn't it be fun to go back to our roots and share the complete Thanksgiving process as a family, starting at the place that the food comes from - the farm?

If this sounds intriguing to you, here are 5 steps to get you started:

1. Make a Plan: Ask your friends and family members that you plan on having over for Thanksgiving dinner, what dishes they would like to have. A great way to get everyone excited to be involved in the entire process of Thanksgiving is by getting their input. Many people have family recipes that they will be excited to share and see on the dinner table this Thanksgiving.

2. Make it Fresh: Invite your dinner party to meet you at a local farm or farmer's market a few days before the big event to choose the fresh ingredients that will be used to prepare the Thanksgiving feast. If you plan to get all of your ingredients from your local farm, you may want to plan a farm tour day. Schedule a visit to a poultry, dairy, and vegetable farm, as well as to the local orchard.

3. Prepare as a Family: Ask your dinner party to arrive early on Thanksgiving morning to help prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. Ask your party what menu items they would like to help make. Elderly and very young members of the family will find delight in helping to decorate the family table with organic place settings and simple local floral arrangements.


4. Share your Gratitude: Once dinner is served and everyone has enjoyed their fill, take turns sharing your thoughts on the Thanksgiving dinner process. What parts did you find especially endearing? Are there ideas that you would like to incorporate into next years feast? Do you think that sharing the entire process brought you closer together as a family?

5. Make Clean Up a Breeze: Imagine how quickly Thanksgiving dinner could be cleaned up if everyone did just a small amount of work. Including cleanup in your Thanksgiving dinner process is just another way for everyone to share in the experience of giving thanks.

Does your family prepare your Thanksgiving feast together?
Do you use whole, fresh ingredients?
What are your tips for involving each member of your family?

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