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How to Train Your Kids to Skip the Butter and Salt

I suppose for many it goes hand in hand with Corn on the Cob, the melted stick of butter that everyone rolls their corn of cob in before dousing it with salt. I was raised that way too. I can still remember the plate of butter with melted impressions of kernels and a cob size valley in the middle.

But somewhere along the way, I stopped buttering up my corn. I stopped dumping salt all over it. I started tasting how incredible it was on its own. Now I am not crazy – a freshly buttered cob of corn is delicious. But I just can’t bear to take something so healthy and pure and corrupt it. So I skip the butter and salt – and, perhaps most importantly, I am teaching my kids to do the same.

When I pass my children a cob of corn, they don’t instinctively reach for butter and salt. They just eat it and enjoy the mouth-watering taste of fresh corn. And I find that training their taste buds on naturally flavourful and sweet vegetables like corn on the cob helps when I hand them a plate of other cooked vegetables.

No, I am not always successful. Sometimes, I have added a bit of salt to help get a serving of dull vegetables down. But generally I either feed my kids their vegetables “au naturel” or I reach for a blend of salt-free herbs or spices.

My toddler loves the “magic sprinkles” I add to her veggies. (It is just some salt-free Greek Seasoning.) With this little trick, she ends up asking for, “More sprinkles... more broccoli.”
We are training our kids how to eat. If we hand them a wonderful tasting vegetable like corn on the cob and then load it up with butter and salt, they will always reach for butter and salt when eating their vegetables.

But if we get them used to eating vegetables without butter and salt, we are freeing them up for a healthier way of living. They are veggies – let’s keep them as healthy as possible!

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